In the modern times it is expected of an individual to wear a mask when out in public. In some states it is even now a law. This comes in the mists of a global pandemic. Masks stop the spread of the Cornoavirus, and no one is denying that. HoweverContinue Reading

Freedoms Corner recently published a story on Tha Mc, the so called guy with a sign. The story detailed the hypocrisy’s of Tha Mc, an advocate for the government enforcement of masks. Mc was seen without a mask on at the Black Lives Matter Protest on Monday June 1st. AfterContinue Reading

The recent murder of George Floyd has once again shed light on police brutality. The issue with the police is that one size does not fit all. There are 3,142 counties and county-equivalents in the united states of America. If the government polices every county and county-equivalent the same thereContinue Reading

On Saturday May 30 the Info Wars battle tank was attacked by protesters. Inside the vehicle was Owen Shroyer. “We were there for less than five minutes, and as soon as the Democrat rioters ID’d our armored truck as being associated with Infowars, they immediately tried to stall the truckContinue Reading